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Coffee Sip with Chris Hudson

Jul 26, 2020

AAyyy I'm joined today by DARRYL CHARLES (DTF Podcast, Black Gentrifier out now on Helium Comedy Records) to talk on sale coffee pods and when to sip that second coffee. Plus, I taste Blue Bottle Coffee's Bright Cold Brew

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Jul 19, 2020

AYYAyayay we are back as NEKIA HAMPTON (bi-coastal comedian, @peddybetty) joins me to talk her drink of choice and coffee as food. Plus, I taste Caffe Umbria's Gusto Crema Espresso Blend! it's a sip & a half

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Jul 12, 2020

ay AY ayyy breakin' the podcast when JAKE SILBERMAN (Jake on The Streets, The Crowd Work Album out now on Helium Records) joins me to talk coffee as a drug and what he does to get hype. Plus, I give a few tasting notes on Califia Farms Mocha Noir Almond Milk Cold Brew. get sippin'

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Jul 5, 2020

in this ep, LILLY SPARKS (Comedian, Filmmaker) joins me to talk coffee walks & which coffee chains are more preferable to stan. Plus, I taste Deadstock Coffee's Breezy blend. What a sip!

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